American College Funding

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started in One Small Volume!

Would you like to send your child to the college of their choice without spending your life's savings, or mortgaging your house to the hilt?

Anyone booking an introductory appointment with us receives it for free. Anyone else, click on the book to order.

If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty of college funding, you will want to get a copy of our book, "How to Give Your Child a 4-Year of College Education Without Going Broke." It's short, easy to read, and gets right to the point. Nothing fancy or particularly eloquent...just the cold hard basics of college planning.

Here's just a small sample of some of the college funding secrets you'll discover:

  • How to double or even triple your chances of getting financial aid by starting to plan in your child's junior year of high school! 
  • The 10 deadliest mistakes most parents make when applying for financial aid...and how to avoid them! 
  • How to pick a college that will give you the best financial aid package (More FREE money, less loans!) 
  • A checklist of things you should be doing right now if you're the parent of a college-bound high school junior! 
  • How to get maximum money for college if you're divorced, separated, a minority, own a business, unemployed, or the parent of an athlete. 
  • 6 things you must know before your child starts applying to colleges! 
  • 8 vital questions every parent must ask before applying for financial aid!
  • How to negotiate with colleges to get the best financial aid package for your child! 
  • What you must know about the new '97 tax law before you apply for college funding! 
  • 5 Little-Known secrets to paying for college even if you don't get enough financial aid!

Book an introductory appointment with us and receive this book for free.
Anyone else can order it by clicking on it. Go it now. It will save you a bundle.

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