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Financial Aid Forms
The FAFSA and the CSS Profile are the two main forms required to become eligible for need-based financial aid in the United States. Please take note how it does NOT show anywhere on either site the formulas used to produce your EFC (Expected Family Contribution).

In fact, they only tell you about potential errors that could be increasing your EFC. They conveniently leave out the potential errors reducing your EFC! It's all very one sided...and it isn't in your favor.
American College Funding Counselors know exactly how every line on the forms will affect how much you're expected to pay for college. 

CSS Profile 
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Scholarship Search
We recommend you don't spent an inordinate amount of time as only about 3% of the money available in financial aid is in the form of these scholarships.

However, "you can't win it if you ain't in it." So we recommend you take a look...people often do get lucky, and a thousand here and a thousand there begins to add to real money! 

However, be aware that if you do qualify for outside scholarships some colleges and universities will reduce the amount of aid they award by the amount received in an outside scholarship. You may wish to consult with a College Funding Counselor (like us!) who is used to negotiating with financial aid officers when employing these scholarships.

Following are free scholarship search sites well known and respected in the financial aid community. 
College Scholarships/NH 
College Scholarships/MA 
Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program

ACT / SAT Test Preparation
The SAT and ACT board exams are required for admission to most major college and universities. In today's competitive environment, if your student and another student with the same financial need are in the running for aid, the one with the better grades, test scores, essays and interviewing skills are almost always certain to receive the better package.

The following companies are the most reputable in the board exam test preparation industry.

Princeton Review 
Sylvan Learning Centers 
Student Loans
Federal student loans
are a part of almost every financial aid package. However there are loans, and then there are loans. Some of them are considered genuine aid while others are not. And in all cases you want to be able to minimize the amount of loans and maximize the amount of "free money" in your aid package. It often takes the help of a seasoned financial aid counselor to distinguish which loans are best for your family.

Since July of 2010, the Federal Government has taken control of all new Federal student loans such as the Stafford, SEOG, Perkins, and PLUS. It no longer pays to shop around for interest rates for these loans as they are all the same. You should apply for the 0.25% interest rate reduction on some Federal loans by utilizing the direct deposit program. We can help you with all of these details. 
Private student loans are an alternative payment source for parents and students. These programs should be used as a last resort before using retirement dollars, which is the very, very last resort. In fact, our primary role is helping families avoid having to take out private loans by using the various college planning techniques available to them.

Private Loan Comparison
Sallie Mae
Chase Student Loans 
Student Loan  

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