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Our Mission: Helping Families Pay for College Without Going Broke

"A fool with a plan can a beat a genius with no plan."
                                                                 --  T. Boone Pickens

There is no doubt that college Funding is an extraordinarily complex and confusing process. From the mountains of paperwork to trying to understand the countless rules and regulations that the Department of Education, 50 states and thousands of colleges around the country throw at you, it is definitely not “easy.” And yet, far too often families throw themselves into it without the requisite knowledge, without help, and without a plan.

Our mission at ACF is to help make this process a smooth one for you and your family and to see to it that you do not overpay for your upcoming college expenses
. We do this by carefully assessing your financial situation, positioning you for the most financial aid possible (usually far more than indicated in your initial EFC), identifying the best schools who will provide the best aid packages, helping your student best position him or herself for the best chance at the most aid, and crafting a PLAN for you to pursue the aid and pay the difference.

We will help you avoid making the most common mistake that so many families do, which is taking a “band-aid” approach to financing their kids college education. A band-aid approach is looking at just the first year costs for the first child as they come due versus putting a detailed plan on how all college costs will be covered for all the children, in all of their years in college. The difference is enormous.

Detailed attention to planning gives families a solid financial base to work with going forward.
In most cases we are able to show families, not only how they are going to pay for college, but how they can emerge debt free (or at least comfortably managed) with a solid plan in place for financial security for the rest of their lives and a better retirement than they ever envisioned. It's all just a matter of proper planning.

A great place to start is by reading our book, "How to Give Your Child A 4-Year College Education Without Going Broke." You can access this, and other recommended reading material, by clicking on the image of the book, above.

Our National Network Affiliations

As certified members of the National Association of College Funding Advisors (N.A.C.F.A.) and the College Planning Network (CPN), we bring a national network of admissions and financial aid counselors, financial planners, college planning advisors, attorneys, CPAs and other specialists to your aid.

Working with the College Planning Network, we will...

  • Navigate your family through the extremely complex and time consuming college admissions and financial aid processes
  • Design a personalized plan that will allow you to more easily afford to pay for your children's education
  • Help your student(s) pick the school that's the right "fit" for them (and your pocket books!) which guides them to discover their true strengths and talents.
  • Help your student(s) make sound college selection choices and put them on a clear path towards prosperous and rewarding careers and lives post-college
  • Make sure all financial aid paperwork is completed 100% accurately and that all deadlines are met
  • Give your Student the most innovative Student Positioning tools that are available today, such as private interviewing, talent and career assessments, admissions tips, essay writing strategies, etc...
  • Make sure the award your student receives from the college of their choice is a fair one. If not, The College Planning Network will help assist you through the appeals process and deliver strategies on how to potentially better your results.
  • Provide your family with professional, friendly treatment from our highly qualified CPN Service Team
  • ...Along with much, much more!

Our CPN National Customer Service Director earned her chops as customer service manager in the Ritz Carlton organization, and has brought Ritz Carlton standards to our national customer service organization. Come..."be our guest" to the most comprehensive, complete and service oriented college planning program available!

From the moment you begin working with us, everything is handled with utmost care and professionalism. We can assist you in setting up your financial base so that you and your family have no doubts in how you are going to fund all college costs without sabotaging any of your other financial goals

I invite you to browse the rest of this site for more information on what ACF is all about. I think you’ll especially like the “Success Stories” section.

Stephen Kelley

President and Co-Founder

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